Surge Protector Box

Hey Everyone!  Do you have a surge protector for all your cords for your tv or for your desk?  I have a couple, one of them goes to my one of my desks which is in our dining room.  It is kind of like a command center desk.  Underneath we keep our shoes.  The table holds our computer, and the drawer holds our miscellaneous things.  Underneath the shelf with the shoes is where the surge protector is.  All those cords were driving me crazy.  It looked like a mess and I couldn't stand it anymore.  Here is what it looked like before I started.

Horrible right?  I'd looked before at ones you could buy, but I just wasn't into the $25 price tag.  I thought about what requirements I had for what I needed and what I could alternatively use.  I needed easy access, so if I needed to change something I could.  I needed something that would obviously look nice. Something that wouldn't conduct heat.  And some way to let it 'breathe'.  This is what I came up with.

I found a plastic shoe box at the dollar store.

I took a knife and wiggled a hole in the end.  This is where we're starting to make the breathing hole for the surge protector.

Then start cutting a square in the side for the cords to go through.  I used these heavy duty cutters my husband had.  You could probably use some regular scissors for this if you wanted.

Once your square is cut it should look something like this.

Chose a 12x12 piece of paper to decorate your boxes sides.

Next it's time to pretty up the box.  Cut strips to the size of your box to line three of the sides.  Tape them into place.

Once they're all taped in it should look like this.

String the surge protector cord through the hole in the side.  And then you can start filling your surge protector back up.  I chose to pull my power cord box for my computer into the box as well so that's not out in the open.  Use zip ties to gather cords and keep them neater if needed.  Try hiding lines of cords behind curtains or table legs.  Place your lid on when you're finished.

And that's it!  A cheap alternative to a surge protector box and it only cost me $1 for the box.

What do you think?
Have fun!


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