Kitchen Menu Chalkboard

Hey Everyone!  When you're making out the menu for the week, where do you put it?  Do you hang it on the fridge or somewhere else?  I wanted something that I could change if I needed.  Our moods change, or our schedules may change.  It also helps to have a menu so you buy the right things for the next week and have everything you need.  Also so you don't have the annoying question... "what's for dinner?".

I have a great door that goes to the basement in our kitchen that is perfect for a menu.  The door has two indented sections that would be perfect for the chalkboard.  I used Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint.  If you haven't used chalkboard paint, it's awesome!  It took about three coats.  Make sure you used a roller to paint it on so you get a smooth, non-brushed surface.  Of course the blue painters tape didn't perfectly seal off my edges.  Tempted to try frog tape next time.  There are still some necessary touch ups.  But has been working for our family very nicely.  Along with the menu chalkboard, I also painted the lower section for the kids to draw on.  Something for them to do while I'm in the kitchen making dinner.

I took a pencil holder and drilled two holes in the side and hung it on command hooks next to the door.  Gives you easy access to chalk when you need it for the menu, but also for the kids to have fun!  If it ever gets too crazy, just take away the chalk for a little while.  The little man has gotten confused a few times and drawn on the wall.  Thank goodness it's only chalk and the wall's painted with semi-gloss paint!

If you don't want your menu to be so visible all the time, you could paint the inside of a cabinet door, or the inside of your pantry door if you have one.  If you'd rather not paint, there is a roll-on chalkboard at Michaels you can get, but the width is smaller than I wanted which is why I painted. 

Have you used Chalkboard paint before?
Have fun!


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