Kitchen Corkboard

Hey Everyone!  Do you hate having so much on your fridge?  With kids you have tons of things your fridge.  Anything including drawings, pictures, magnetic letters, lists, recipes, special notes, etc.  It makes it look so horrible.  If you have a pantry door then I have the solution!  A kitchen corkboard!

When I first came up with this idea, I thought about getting a roll of cork and rolling it onto the space.  The first problem was that the space I was looking at was super skinny and there wasn't a roll that was long enough.  If your space is short enough or if you don't mind having a break in the cork, then just roll it onto your door and you'll be good to go.  OR, you could do what I did.  I used a coupon at Michaels and got these cork squares.  They came with sticky backs and just stuck where I wanted them to go.  Now I can move scraps, or lists to the door to help my fridge not look so messy.  It's super easy and so useful!

How are you saving space on your fridge?
Have fun!


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