Jamali Gardens Pots Idea

Hey Everyone!  Have you ever seen things in magazines and said "I could do that for way cheaper!".  I recently had one of those moments.  When I was looking at my Better Homes and Gardens magazine I noticed these really cute mossed pots.  They looked like they would be easy to replicate.  The website Jamali Gardens showed these Mossed Redstone Clay Pot and Saucers.  The smallest pot was 5 1/4 inches for $7.99.  Um, yeah, I'm not paying that much for a pot, sorry.  So after a little quick trip to Joann's Fabrics I found 2 terracotta pots and saucers for a grand total after coupons (yes I used coupons, every penny counts!) of $2!!!  I chose small pots, only 3 inch pots.  I have a small dining room table, and didn't want anything too big.  This is a great project to get the kids involved with.

Grab some paint.  I chose gray, tan, brown, and green acrylic paint.  I mixed the green paint to match the shade I was looking for.  Gave the kids brushes and let them go to town.

After the kids were done doing their paintings, I did a little touch ups to get the more aged moss look.

 After the pots and saucers were dry, it was time to fill them.  Another fun thing to involve the kids with.

Add your plant of choice.  I chose come chicks from my chicks and hens that I had in a pot growing out front.


Bring it inside and give it some water.  Two happy kids with their plants!

And one happy momma for saving so much money!

What do you think of these aged moss pots?
Have fun!



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