Folded Grocery Bags

Hey Everyone!  Have you ever folded a grocery bag?  I know, I know, crazy.  But it's extremely useful when you need a bag quickly but don't have one.  Or don't have the space for one?  Try folding a few bags and place them where you need them.  When I traveled this weekend I needed bags for wrapping the portable potty seat bin in.  I stuffed a bunch in a bag and threw them in the back of the car.  What a mess!  So I looked up this video on YouTube to see how I could do it.  Not only could I do it, you can do it too!  Here's how...

First start with you bag flattened.

Fold in half upwards.  Placing both handles on top of each other.

Fold in half again.  Each time flattening the bag and getting any trapped air out of the bag.

Then start folding from the bottom of the bag up to the corner to make a triangle.

Then fold that triangle up.

Continue on folding the triangles until you get to the top.

Open the pocket that was created when folding the triangles.

Tuck the handle ends into the pocket.

And that's it!  You're done!  Make a whole bunch and put them wherever you need them.  I timed myself and it only took 30 seconds to fold a bag.  Super cute little football looking grocery bags.  Can't beat it!

Have fun!


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