Easter Paintings

Hey Everyone!  Easter is almost here and we're finishing up some last minute projects.  Each year I have these grand plans and it just doesn't happen.  Some do, some don't.  Here are a couple that I planned on doing.  I wish I had done them earlier, but I got them done.  So that's all that matters!  First is the hand print cards.  The goal is to make bunnies using a hand print.  Next, we also made chick place mats with a footprint.

To make these you need:
Construction paper
Paper for the place mat
White paint
Yellow paint
Paint brush
Something to hold the paint

You'll start by painting your kid's hand.  But don't paint all the fingers, just the pointer finger and the ring finger.

 Nycole's Hand
Turin's Hand

Stamp the kid's hand onto the paper and you have a cute little undecorated bunny.  Once it's all dry, draw whiskers, eyes, and noses.  And that's it for the bunny cards/poster!

For the footprint place mat you'll start by painting the foot yellow.

This is Nycole's foot.  She thought it was so funny to get her foot painted.  I helped her stand up and step onto the paper with the foot pointing at an angle with the toes towards the bottom of the paper.  I had her do this twice with the same foot.  I did the same thing for Turin's place mat.  He thought it was really ticklish to get his foot painted.  

Once they were dry I cut the paper to size and then drew a beak, legs, eyes, and grass.

A cute card, a cute place mat.  What could get any better?
Have fun!


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