Dresser Renovation Part 2- The Big Reveal!

Hey Everyone!  Are you ready for the big reveal?  I'm so excited to show you!  If you'll remember from Wednesday I was working on a dresser I found by the side of the road.  It was a horrible mess, but I knew I could make it into something so much better!  To continue where we left off on Wednesday.  After the dresser has been thoroughly sanded, and re-puttied and sanded two more times, it was time to paint.  I started by putting on 2 coats of primer.  The paint I chose had primer in it, but I didn't want to rely on that to cover everything.  Once that was done, I noticed some stains coming through the primer.  After a little googling, I found out that if I covered the item being painted with polyurethane it would prevent the stain from showing through the piece.  I painted two coats of polyurethane and it actually worked!  

After the polyurethane was dry it was time to start painting.  I took a light gray we had and mixed some dark gray into it to make it a nice medium gray.  Not too dark, and not too light.

I painted 3 coats of the medium gray paint on the dresser.  It was such an improvement from when I started!  I did the same prime, polyurethane, paint process for all the drawers.  The insides of the drawers I decided to paint white because the red paint was partly in there too.  The front facing of the drawers I painted the medium gray like the rest of the dresser.

Once everything was dry, it was time to stain the top of the dresser.  It was crucial to tape a drape to the dresser to protect all the hard work of painting it all.

I chose my favorite stain, Minwax Polyshades in Espresso.  The directions say to "paint" on the stain and then let dry.  I chose to rub in the stain using a rag.  Here is a picture of the can.

Here is the top after the first coat.

Here it is after the second coat.  The directions recommend 6hrs between coats, I didn't do that for the second coat, I only waited a couple hours.  I'd really recommend waiting the 6hrs, it was kind of tacky when I did the second coat.

Here it is after the third coat.  I waited the appropriate time for this and it went much smoother.  I chose to do a thin third coat because the second coat showed a few spots where I couldn't get the red paint off that was ingrained in the wood.  Also it helped blend in those weird square areas that remained even after sanding.  After the third coat you couldn't see any lines or red areas.  The third coat did the trick to completely cover everything!

After the top was dry, I had to drill the holes for the dresser.  Measure measure measure!  I thought I measured, but then we brought the dresser up and ugh, one handle was way off!  What was I thinking?  That drawer had to be taken back downstairs to be re-puttied, sanded, and then re-painted.  What a pain!  I used the a Mounting Tablet that I got from Lowes.  I held up the selected handle and figured out which holes I needed to use to drill my holes.  I marked them accordingly, and then drilled them.  Finding the right length screws was a bit of an issue, but we finally got it right with 1 1/2 inch screws. 

To make the drawers easier to slide into the dresser, I used the side of an old candle.  I rubbed the candle on the areas where the drawer would slide into the dresser.  I rubbed the candle on the dresser and onto the bottom of the drawer.  Much better!

And here it is!  I think it came out amazing!  What a difference!

Do you recognize the carrot table topper from last week?  I think the top of this dresser looks great!

In the top drawer I put our vases and candle things.  Everything is wrapped and put in sections based on size.

The second drawer hold our mismatched photo albums.  One day I'll them coordinated and organized!

The third drawer holds a few of our breakable things.  The small tea cup set we have.  Can't wait to have a tea party with  my precious little girl!

In the fourth drawer are our table clothes and special cloth napkins.  I want to make some more cloth napkins for the holidays.

 And that's it, how about a quick before and after?


What do you think?  I absolutely love it!
Have fun!


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