Carrot Garland

Hey Everyone!  It's Easter week!  Are you getting ready for the big day?  We are!  Here is a super easy and cute idea for your mantel or wherever you want to hang it.  I saw this cute carrot garland idea on pinterest, and thought it would be super cute and easy to make.  When I did more investigating into the pin, there was more to it then I planned and ended up doing it my way.  Here is how I made my cute little carrot garland.

You'll Need:
Green construction paper
Orange construction paper
hole puncher

First start by cutting your paper into one inch strips.

 Next we're starting the folding.  Fold one green piece in half.

Then you'll fold the sides up, leaving them an inch lower than the middle fold.  Like this...

Set aside.  Now it's time to fold the carrot.  Take two strips of the orange construction paper and lay them on top of each other.

Then fold the strips together like an accordion.

Put your pieces layered together.  Orange on the outside, green inside.  You're going to want to make sure you staple through the middle fold of your carrot stem.

Trim the excess below the staple.  Then gather the other end of the orange strips and tape together.

Hole punch through the top of the carrot stem.  

Now it's time to hang your carrots!

And that's it!  A super fun and super easy decoration for your Easter Mantel.

Stay tuned for more Easter fun!


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