Top of Porch Steps Renovation

Hey Everyone!  Have you ever had to redo steps? Not fun.  Just last summer I started working on our front porch steps.  One of the first things that needs to happen was tp remove the existing slate.  The top steps are covered a patchwork of slate plates.  Once they were removed, the loose grout was chipped away too.  Did you know you can glue your slate back down with liquid nail glue?  Let that dry for 24hrs and then use mortar grout sponge to wipe the excess away.  Let that dry according to the grout you use's directions.  This was way easier than anticipated, which is always great!

Here is Josh laying down the slate after applying glue to the back of the slate.

When you're removing your slate don't forget to lay out your pieces the same way they were already or how you want them to be before trying to put it back together.  It's like a big puzzle!

This is what it looked like after I had filled the cracks in with the mortar.  It's still drying here, but it's an immense difference.  Wish I had a before picture.  Just wait til you see the it's all said and done.  More front steps renovations to come!

Have fun!


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