Nautical Curtains

Hey Everyone!  Are you ready for the big curtain reveal?  In our family we love the beach and all things including the beach.  So of course our living room's theme is nautical.  We look forward all year long to go to the beach, sit in the sand, and bask in the sunlight.  So why not a reminder of one of our favorite places?  I had seen on pinterest a good idea of striped curtains.  Very nautical looking.  But have you seen the price tag?  Ouch!  One curtain panel was $35, and I had three windows to do!  For the price of about just one curtain panel that amount I was able to buy all the fabric I needed and the grommets too to make my very own nautical curtains.  You'll need thread, fabric of your choosing, and grommets.

First lets start with making the curtains.  I chose to make my stripes 12 inches wide.  Thereby making my curtain 72 inches long.  I wanted them to be long, but not too long.  Children can be evil when it comes to curtains.  For each of my curtain panels I cut one white strip to be 17 by 25 inches.  This strip is the top stripe.  The grommet packet says it needs 4 inches for grommet installation.  Once everything is sewn it'll be a 12 inch strip.  Cut 2 white strips 13 by 25 inches.  Cut 3 navy strips 13 by 25 inches.  The extra inch allows for hem rolling and sewing.

First you'll take your 17 by 25 inch strip and fold it in at 4 1/2 inches from the top.  Use an iron and press flat.  At that bottom, fold under a 1/2 inch, press, and sew.  This is what you'll get.

Once that's done you'll match your strips together, white with navy, navy with white, and so on.  Sew at the half inch mark.  You can pin first if you want to, I chose not to. 

Once all your stripes are sewn together you'll start hemming.  Oh what a process.  Personally I didn't want white thread in my navy stripe or navy thread in my white stripe.  Every 12 inches I was sewing a different color thread.  I would sew all the white parts of the hem first with the white thread, and then all the navy stripes with the navy thread.  A pain to say the least, but it gave the look I was looking for.  You can see here I rolled my hem and then sewed it so I didn't have any fraying edges.

I found it easier to pull my hem tight as I sewed it to make it easier while I sewed my hem.  When all your panels are finished, complete by installing your grommets in the top white stripe you made.  Don't forget to use your coupons!  Find as many coupons to match as many packages of grommets you need.  I literally saved $15 on my grommets using the coupons.  I put 4 grommets in each panel.  Determine where you want your grommets to be.  Trace the outline that is provided.  Cut out your circle.  I used my rotary cutter.  Put half of your grommet underneath your hole and through the fabric, put the matching half of your grommet on top and snap together.  Really simple!  Once it's sewn and the grommets are in place, then you are done!

I love how the curtains look great with the nautical curtain rods I made!

Can't beat the price either, only $40, that's $170 in savings!

Anyone else making some fantastic curtains?
Have fun!


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