Nautical Curtain Rod

Hey Everyone!  While I've been super busy with my dining room renovation, I was thinking it'd be a great time to show you how I did a curtain renovation for my living room.  The curtains/valences I had were nice.  They came with the house, they weren't awful, just not my style.  I wanted something that would incorporate our nautical theme that is going on in the living room.  First I started with new curtain rods.  I just grabbed regular Mainstays silver ball curtain rods at Walmart for about $10 each.  They did the job and didn't cost too much.  One nautical curtain rod set like the one I made costs $70-$90 at Pottery Barn Kids.

Once you have your curtain rods, take the finials off the ends of the rods.

These are mine.  Nothing fancy, but good enough.  Then I took some rope I got at Lowes for about $6.50, it came in a 100ft roll.  After doing 8 of these, I have plenty left do other projects with, win win!  I wrapped the finials in the rope in a monkey fist knot.  See this diagram here and watch a few youtube videos to do this.  Use the finial as the ball for the middle.


Once you get the hang of it your monkey first knots become tight, nicer, and better.  Just keep practicing and you'll get it!  Once you have all you're finials wrapped they'll look like these.

Take your hot glue gun and curl the ends to wrap around any visible areas you don't want showing.  Cut the ends off where needed and this is what you'll get.

Your finials are done, all you need to do is drill in your brackets so you can put up your curtain rod.  It pays to have some help!

Once the brackets are up, put the curtain rods together with the finials you just remade.  And that's it!  

An easy nautical curtain rod to jazz up your window with.  Stay tuned for how I made my curtains and a trick to make those pesky blinds more manageable.

Anyone else making new curtains?
Have fun!


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