Kitchen Drawer Organization

Hey Everyone!  Do you hate digging in your kitchen drawers just to find a utensil you need?  I do!  I tried a simple organization by getting a silverware tray from the dollar store.  It kind of worked, but not really.  Here it is before this wonderful organization project...

Pretty gross right?  First up is to empty the drawer of its contents.  Decide what to keep and what "categories" you want to keep them in.

Then cut some cardboard and put in your drawer to determine where you want your wood to go.  This helps out so much so you're not coming up with your design as your making it.  It's all planned out.

Measure where the boards go and how long they are supposed to be.  I chose 3 inch craft boards from Lowes.  Then you'll want to cut them to the measurements you made from your cardboard.

If you don't have a skil saw you can use a hand saw.  After they're cut and sanded, then you can paint them.  You can paint them a contrasting color or you can paint them the same color of the drawer like I did.  We had already painted the drawers before, so I just made these dividers the same color.

In order to install your dividers you'll need a caulk gun, clear caulk, scissors (to cut the caulk dispenser), a caulk smoothing tool (optional, you can use your fingers if you want).

I chose to place a grip mat shelf liner on the bottom of my drawer first before putting in the dividers, it's up to you if you want to do this.

Start caulking/gluing in your wood pieces.

The caulk will gone on white, like here...

But it will dry clear, like this...

Once everything has dried 24hrs later, you can label and put everything back in.  And that's it!

What do you think?  Don't the labels make it even better?  It makes it so much easier to know where everything goes!

Anyone else organizing some drawers this week?
Have fun!


  1. That's pretty awesome! What a great idea! Now I'm thinking that I need to redo my junk drawer that I just redid... ;)

  2. I really like the method you used!! Labeling is great and the corrugated template is so smart. This little drawer of yours is making me want to go ahead and buy the labeler I keep eyeing. :)

    1. Thanks! I have the Epson Labelworks LW-400 label maker and I love it!


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