Curtain Hook Trick

Hey Everyone!  Do you have kids or cats?  I have both, so the string on the blinds when they are drawn up is a bit of a pain.  The kids are pulling on the strings and the cats are batting at it.  It's a bit frustrating to get after the kids and the cats all the time.  I came up with one option that will help with frustration and help keep you a little more sane.  All with the help of a good ol' command hook.

Grab a small command hook and stick on our wall next to your window frame.  You can pick one that is all clear, clear stick pad and clear hook so you don't see if very much.  I didn't have a clear stick pad for the back of it, so I used one of the regular white ones.

When you pull up your blinds, hook it on your command hook.  Keeping it up out of the way from little hands and cat claws!

A simple solution for a frustrating problem.  Anyone have any tricks for your blinds?

Have fun!


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