Blanket Box

Hey Everyone!  When I was 16 years I received a four shelf metal/glass shelves for my birthday.  On one of my many moves, the bottom shelf's glass broke.  It was replaced with a piece of 12 inch pine board.  Last year I ended up staining it a dark brown stain.  The shelf ended up holding our spare blankets and stuffed animals/pillows.  Here is what it looked like before I ended up making the amazing blanket box.

With pallet wood, 12 inch pine boards, stain, and a couple handles I was able to make a huge and awesome blanket box to hold everything.

First, start with your pallet wood.  Measure how long you want your box to be.  Mine were 33 inches.

I took 12 inch boards, cut one to 33 inches, and cut 2 pieces that were 15 inches long.  

Using my kreg jig I made 4 pocket holes a couple inches from each edge of the pine board.

Don't forget to use your wood glue before putting your pieces together!

Screw your end pieces to the base piece.

Once the pine board is screwed together, it looks like this...

Then take your pallet wood and nail it into the end pieces.  You may have to drill a few holes in order to get your nail through your pallet wood, depending on the wood.

Once the sides are all on, it'll look like this.

Now it's time to stain this big boy.

Drill a couple holes for the handles.

Then attach your handles.

And that's it!  Fill it up and put it in its spot!

How you do organize your blankets?
Have fun!


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