Beginning of Dining Room Renovation

Hey Everyone!  Not much of a post for today.  I'm beginning a new renovation this weekend.  The dining room!  Nothing too crazy, but more of what we need.  What spurned this on was a frustration in paint and a dresser I found on the side of the road.  First the paint.  I was trying to do touch ups last year on the wall after the new furnace's thermostat had been put in and a couple other areas that needed touch ups.  After three sheens that all "said" they were flat paint, I had blotches of what looked like semi gloss paint but was what said "flat" paint.  Since I now have a gallon of paint in this sheen, and there were areas that needed patching and painting, I figured it was time to just do a quick one layer of paint.  The color is the same as the original walls, but the sheen is so off.  Guess you can't match weathered old paint sheen.  As for the dresser, it's a work in progress, but I want to move it in to the room when it's done, not move it in and then out later on do this paint job.

Before I started moving things out this is what my dining room was looking like on a really bad day.  We've just dumped things everywhere.  The dining room also acts as our entryway dumping ground.  So the creation of a command center will work wonders.

Gross right?  The trees have been relocated and everything has been removed and moved out of the room in preparation of painting tomorrow.  Enjoying the nice weather and getting some work done.  My kind of day!

So far I've removed everything and puttied the holes, tomorrow I'll sand the putty and paint one coat of paint.

Just clearing everything out has already been a great improvement!  Stay tuned for more dining room renovations!

Have fun!


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