Valentine's Heart Garland

Happy Valentine's Everyone!  Here is a super easy craft for your Valentine's.  All you need is construction paper, scissors, ruler(optional), and a stapler.

Please forgive the rest of the pictures, my camera's battery died and I was stuck taking pictures with my phone.  What you'll need to do is cut your construction paper (whatever color you like) into 1 inch strips.  I eyeballed this, but you can use a ruler if you want to and measure out the 1 inch strips if you'd like.

Then you'll staple the end of two pieces together.

Fold the other ends over so that it'll create the heart shape.

Then place two strips, one on each side like this so you can staple and continue the garland.

Then you'll staple the two outside pieces together with the ends of the heart.

Fold over those end pieces like you did the first heart.

And repeat for as long as you want your garland.  AND that's it!

FYI:  I did tape each heart up every other heart in order for the garland to keep it's shape and not sag or get stretched out.

An easy garland for your Valentine's!  Anyone else making garlands?
Have fun!



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