Valentine's Frame

Hey Everyone!  Valentine's is coming up!  Are you getting ready?  I wish I was more ready, but procrastinator is my middle name.  We have another day right?  In the mean time while you're getting ready make this super easy Valentine's frame for your mantel or for a loved one.  You'll need a wooden frame from your favorite craft store.  I actually picked mine up at Walmart for 99 cents.  Can't beat it!  First you'll want to paint your frame, I chose white.

Once everything is dry it's time to gather all the other supplies...

You'll want your picture to fill the frame, some hearts made from cardstock, your wordage, and some glue.

I first started by gluing down my wordage.  I chose to cut out my words on my Silhouette Cutting Machine.  The thing is amazing.  I chose to cut out "my Valentine's" for my frame, but you can use stickers if you'd rather that you can purchase at your favorite craft store.

Make sure you layout your frame's design before you start gluing everything.  You don't want to be gluing it and then realize you don't have your wordage centered or in the spot you really wanted.  Then after you're done gluing your word(s), next you'll want to glue on your hearts.  Again you could use stickers if you wanted.  Pay attention here to what part of the heart is going to be attaching to the frame if you have it not all the way on your frame like I have mine.


By the way, it always helps to have a cute little helper!

Special note here.  Before you start gluing pay attention to where your kickstand is and what should be the bottom and what should be the top.  I ended up having to drill a hole in the back for the kickstand because I didn't pay attention to this crucial part.  You don't want to get to the end and realize you've glued the words on upside down.  For me it was easy, I just drilled a hole and it was alright.

Noticed drilled hole on the bottom.  Thank goodness for my hubby's drill!

Now fill your frame and that's it!  A super easy Valentine's frame for your mantel or to give to someone you love!

Are you creating any easy Valentine's craft projects?  Making any gifts for your loved ones?

Have fun!


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