Rubberband Bracelet Fix

Hey Everyone!  Have your kids been obsessed with the newest latest trend of rubberband bracelets?  My little girl has.  On Black Saturday as I call it, I bought a rubberband bracelet pack with 300 rubberbands, 12 clasps and 3 Disney Princesses charms.  Nycole loves princesses!  Ever since we made her bracelets she has worn them almost every day since.  But on occasion they break.  And unfortunately there is no way to just fix one, you kind of have to rebuild the whole thing.  So here is a little tutorial on these cute little bracelets that tons of kids are getting into.  Here is what I began with...

For my little three year old's wrist, I needed 18 rubberbands.  I was able to salvage some, but others had to be tossed.  First begin determining where the middle of your bracelet is, so you'll know where to put your charm.  With there being 18 rubberbands for her bracelet, I knew I needed to put the charm on rubberband number 9.  To make this simple bracelet begin by bending your rubberband in half and hooking a clasp onto the ends.  From there you want to slid your next rubberband into the curved part of the first rubberband.  Bend the second rubberband in half and put the third rubberband into the ends.  Like this...

Continue this process for all the next rubberbands.

Continue on until you get to rubberband number 9, and slid your charm onto one of the slides.


Then continue in the process until you've put all 18 rubberbands together.  Take the clasp from the other end and hook it onto the two ends, and you're finished!

A cute little bracelet for a cute little girl!  These bracelets are super easy to make and make the kids super happy.  I did see other packs that included Disney Cars, Ninja Turtles, The Little Mermaid, and a whole bunch more!

 Are you making rubberband bracelets too?  Have fun!


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