Revamped Notepad

Hey Everyone!  Ready for a super easy craft?  For some reason I've really been wanting junior legal pads and wanting to use some washi tape on them.  I saw this on someone's website and just had to do it myself.  I first went to Office Depot to find some.  They had 12 pads for $14.99... um yeah... no!  And I was especially not paying that much for ones that had a blue bind to them with the big words saying "Office Depot", that would show through any of my washi tape.  Then I ran to Walmart, where I found 6 pads with a white bind on them for only... wait for it... $1.77!!!  Awesomesauce!

First you'll need washi tape, your notepads, and scissors.

Pull a piece of the tape out and put it on the bottom edge of the bind on your notepad.

Cut off the first piece as close as possible to the notepad.  Line up the next piece of washi tape with any pattern on the roll of tape.

Cut the edges off as close to the notepad as possible and fold the top over the top edge.

And that's it!  A totally easy revamped notepad to take all the notes your heart desires!

This cute washi tape is from here at Cute Tape!

I've found other tapes at Walmart, Michaels, Staples, Office Depot, and Joann Fabrics too.

Anyone else been playing with washi tape?
Have fun!


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