Dinosaur Tail

Hey Everyone!  You know what is super cute and runs around being around pretending to be a dinosaur?  My kid.  Sometimes he likes to pretend he's a dinosaur, so what would be better than a to make a dinosaur tail?  It was pretty easy.  I picked red for my dinosaur spikes, sewed six of them into triangles in ascending order, making each one a little bigger than the previous one.  Then I turned them right side out and ironed them flat.  For the tail I cut 2 long triangles and sewed it with the red triangles inside in between the two layers.  When I turned it right side out the triangles would be on the outside.  I sewed straps onto the sides of each tail triangle so I could tie it onto the little man.  I cut out a circle based on the circumference of my triangle dinosaur tail then sewed the circle onto the triangle tail and stuffed it full of stuffing, closed it up and it was done!

And that's it!

A cute little tail for a cute little man!  Not too complicated, and lots of fun for a dinosaur enthusiast.

Have fun! 


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