Ballard Designs Hydrangea in White Pot

Hey Everyone!  I don't know about you but I love looking through my catalogs and dreaming.  Dreaming of how lovely it would be to have various items from pottery barn, better homes and gardens, wisteria, and ballard designs.  It's always nice to dream right.  Because dreaming is all it is going to be once you look at the price tag!  When I saw this cute little pot from Ballard Designs, I knew it was something I needed to recreate for myself!

You can see it here...

All you need is a medium sized clay pot, white paint, paint brushes, something to put your paint in, a piece of styrofoam, and hydrangeas (should have a couple leaves that come with them).  Optionally, also surface sealer.

I began by buying a cheap medium sized pot from Michaels.  Don't forget to use your coupon!  I covered my table with a piece of plastic and then started painting the pot with my white acrylic paint.

Once you have painted your pot, inside and out.  You can optionally spray it with a surface sealant.  It's a clear spray paint that will help protect your painted creation and help give it a glossy finish.

Once everything is dry you'll then want to cut your piece of styrofoam to fit your pot.  Luckily for me I already had a circle that fit in perfectly from another project that's coming next week for Valentine's week!

Next step is to start pushing in your hydrangeas.  Cut the stems off a little bit so you only have a little stem.  If you don't feel like they are secure you can always glue the stem in with a hot glue gun.  For me there really isn't too much of a science to doing this.  Just push them in and make them look pretty.  Push in your leaves too.  And that's it!  A cute little arrangement to bring a little color to any area!  For me this was a really special project since I used hydrangeas from one of my wedding centerpieces.  Use whatever flower you want to make this cute little piece of joy!

With the desk lamp on...

Great pop of color!

What flowers will you use?

Have fun! 


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