Baking Soda Clay Fail!

Hey Everyone!  Have you tried Baking Soda Clay before?  Well don't.  It's not worth your time.  A couple weeks back I posted on my instagram (btw, don't forget to follow me!) my kids playing with the homemade baking soda clay I made.  The recipe wasn't too hard, 1 cup of water, 1/2 cup cornstarch, and 2/3 cups of water heated on the stove and mixed until it's mashed potatoes and then let cool on a mat.


It didn't take long for the clay to cool down. Then we started to play...

The problems started when it started to dry more and more, the clay started "dusting".  Pieces of the clay would separate and turn back into powder.  Very very very messy!  Then I made some things of my own, more projects of course!  Such as a very small plate.  I started out with a ball of clay, then started molding it into shape.


Everything was fine and dandy, the little plate was starting to dry and then my little man decided he was going to take a chunk out of the plate.  Had to redo it.  Then I made some other things.  I used some shape aids, such as my bowls to help with my shapes.

Everything was "alright" at this point, but then the next morning when I woke up to see how everything was, everything was cracked or cracking.  I didn't even bother taking after pictures, they were totally cracked and broken.  Trust me!  Not worth your time!  A total fail!

Anyone else had some fails lately?
Have fun!


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