Under the Sink Renovation

Hey Everyone!  Does anyone have an old house?  Mine was built in 1946, so over the past 4 years of living here there have been a few things that have needed updating.  Ok ok, A LOT of things.  We've done so much to this house you wouldn't even recognize it.  New windows, new water heater, new furnace, new sewage drainage pipe, and new basement renovation to list a few.  And believe me, all these weren't based out of want, but need.  No more backing up sewage, no more leaking water heater, no more loss of heat from the windows.  And with it comes the little things, like under the sink where who knows what happened.  For a couple years I just let it be what it was but then the contact paper that was under there started peeling. I ripped it off and here is what I was left with...

Absolutely nasty!  I probably could peel back those back panels and touch the outside of the house!  First thing first, I sanded the heck out of it.  Leftover residue from the contact paper and clumps of who knows what, once it was smoothed out and washed out it was time for the genius plan.  I saw on pinterest an idea to use stick on tiles for the inside of under the sink, helps protect against water damage, etc.  And since it's flooring it's tough and durable.  So I thought, what if I use it all over the inside of the cabinet, not just the bottom.  So, that's what I did.  It was relatively easy except for the cutting around the pipes.  Some of the pieces didn't want to stick too well, so I used Liquid Nails to glue them in.  The back is far from even, so I would have said that was the most difficult part.  When doing this I would always work from the back to the front.  Here is the end product!

So much better!  Such an improvement!  Have you been doing any renovations lately?


  1. That looks fantastic! I'll have to remember this idea!

  2. In my opinion, this is the only disadvantages of having an old house -- having to do numerous repairs. It can be daunting just thinking of it. But I think if you have all the help you need from your friends and reliable contractors, everything will be alright. And I hope renovation projects are going as planned, particularly on the changing of your furnaces, and electrical and plumbing part. Because these are the tasks that need the most attention, to make sure that there are no further problems down the road.

    Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp


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