Two Easy Construction Paper Football Crafts!

Hey Everyone!  Are you as anxious as I am for the Super Bowl?  Pretty excited, spending time with family and friends.  Sharing a special time of the year with them where memories will be made.  Looking for good football recipes, anyone have any they want to share?

If you're looking for easy football decorations and crafts, here is exactly what you need!

Football Tin Cans!

First I started by gathering all my supplies including tin cans, brown construction paper, tape, scissors, a permanent marker, a pen, and a ruler. (Don't forget to wash your cans before doing this craft!)

Measure you tin can's height and cut your construction paper to match.  My cans were 4.25 inches tall.  Measure on your paper and then cut it out.

Once it's been cut, tape one end onto your can.

Then wrap the construction paper around your can and tape into place.  Like this...

Now it's time to put on the laces.  Turn your can around so your "seam" is in the back.  Use your permanent marker to draw the laces.  To be more realistic you could use a white marker or a white crayon.  I had a silver sharpie, so that's what I used.

And there you have it!  A football can to put your utensils in or whatever you want for your party decorations.

Football Garland!

For the second easy construction paper craft we're going to make a football garland!

All you need is brown construction paper, a permanent marker, scissors, and a stapler!

First you'll take your construction paper and cut it lengthwise into strips.  I eyeballed it, but you can measure and cut exact lines if you want to.  I made my strips around an inch and a half.  Then it was time to draw on the laces.  You just need to quickly draw on the lines in the middle of each strip.

If you unfortunately missed out on how to make a loop garland as a child I'll quickly go over it now.  Take one strip and make a circle with it, staple together the ends of the loops.

From there place the next strip inside of the first circle and staple it's ends together, thereby creating a loop garland.  For this project you want to remember to make sure the laces are on the outside!

Once you're done making your garland as long as you want you'll want to quickly squeeze the circles to make the football shape.  Make sure the laces are facing you and in the middle when you squeeze circle to make it into the football shape.

There you have it!  A football garland!

What football crafts are you making for your party?  Have fun!


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