Pallet Centerpiece

For thanksgiving I made this Pallet Centerpiece box.  I think it came out great!

It's great with candles and garland, or flowers, or whatever.  It was real easy.  Preferably pick pieces of a pallet with the same width.  Cut one piece to be whatever length you want it to be on your table.  I have a small table, so i chose to have a smaller box.  Since the widths were all the same.  All I needed to do was cut the end pieces to be the desired height, aka the width of the side boards.  Nail it all together, helping hands are great!  Thanks honey!  Sand it down and rub some stain into it!  Now you've got a great pallet centerpiece to decorate to your hearts content.  More views of it's beautifulness!

Have you made a pallet box?  What you are you crafting?


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