Easy Football Table Runner

Hey Everyone!  Are you getting ready for the big game?  I sure am.  This week I'll be sharing a few football crafts I've been making to get ready for the Super Bowl!  I made this cute little table runner football style.  All you need is green felt, masking tape, scissors, a ruler, and chalk (optional razor).

First you want to measure and see how long and wide you want your "football field" to be.  I chose to make mine 16 inches by 29.5 inches.  So, measure and make a mark with your chalk.  I have a dress form chalk marker.  The chalk is inside and rolls wherever you roll it onto your fabric.

Connect your marks and make a line with your ruler.

Once your length is marked, cut it with your scissors.

From here you want to determine where you want your end zones to be. Make a mark with the chalk.  Then you'll want to determine how wide you want your yard intervals to be and mark them too.  Don't worry about your lines showing, those will be covered by the tape.

After you've cut your masking tape in half place it on your lines.  I cut my masking tape with a razor down the middle because it was almost gone, but the lines weren't perfectly straight.  If you want perfectly straight lines, you might want to get washi tape instead.

Once you're lines are all on you can surround the edges with the tape too.

Since I made 5 yard intervals, I started counting 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 from the left.  I took the masking tape and cut little pieces to make the numbers.  You could use number stickers if you'd rather.  Here's what I came up with.


Next year I might replace the masking tape with bias sewing tape instead to make it more permanent, but for right now, this is perfect!  

What do you think? 


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