Chair Renovation

Hey Everyone!  When I was in college I went to this backwoods store out in the middle of no where and found this chair that looked pretty cute, just needed the seat recovered.  No biggie!  Now years later, it was time for a little more than a chair recovering.  My husband made me this beautiful vanity for my "nook" and this chair would be perfect to go with it once it was remade.  Here is the original picture of it, minus the seat.

First step was to strip it of whatever it was that was on it.  Not quite sure, it was scratched, discolored.  Who really knows.  I finished off some 5f5 and also used some Tuff-Strip.  Both were pretty caustic and I went through a few gloves before I was finished.  I'll be growing my sixth finger, third eyeball, third arm in a little bit.  I'd really recommend getting those black heavy duty gloves at Lowes.

The ones that say you shouldn't be using these because you shouldn't be doing anything that would need using them. I actually found scouring pad worked the best.  I dipped the pad in the heavy duty paint remover and would scrub away.  For the corners or tricky spots I would use a small metal scrubbing brush.  It didn't take too long.  Once I was done, it was time to dry.  Here it is after it was stripped.

Next step was to paint on the stain.  In keeping with a running theme in the house I got out the Minwax Polyshades in Espresso Satin.  Two coats later and it was drying.  The problem with the stain is that it has to have 6 hours between coats, and well I'm a bit impatient.  Needless to say this took days because I work during the day and I'm a full time mom at night, so in between everything this thing got "painted".  While that was completely drying I recovered the chair.  I got half a hard of home decor fabric from Joann's in black and cream damask fabric.  I kept the chair's seat padding and recovered it with new muslin and the damask fabric.  Really easy, just go with flow of the fabric.  I'll do another tutorial on how I reupholster things another time.  Once the seat was done I put it all together and bam, done!

Anyone done any chair renovations lately?  Makes a huge improvement! Have fun!


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