Car Organizer

Hey Everyone!  Here to share a little organizer I made for our vacation.  I don't know about you but I hate when I'm digging into a grocery bag to find the snack I want in the back seat during a long car trip.  Does the grocery bag have to be so difficult?  So instead I decided to make this nice little car organizer to help keep me sane, hehe!

I found a box that would fit in between the front seats and back seats.  It's purpose was to hold all the snacks and other paraphernalia that we end up taking with us on a long trip.  I cut the flaps off the box and taped them in the middle of the box with duct tape to be a divider.  I found some fabric that I didn't have any plans for.  Then first I measured the two insides of the box to sew them.  I sewed the sides of the inside pockets together on one side since there was just a cardboard divider between them.  Then I measured the outside of the box to sew onto the two inside pockets.  I made the sides go down a little longer so that I could tape them underneath.  I was in a bit of a pinch for time, but who'll be looking at the bottom of the box really?  Once everything was sewn together I put it on the box, made a couple adjustments to make it tighter on the box.  It's still a little loose, but that's ok because it gives a little wiggle room for the things on the inside.  The fabric on the outside was tight to the box though.  I also added pockets on the sides to put more stuff into, which was perfect because they held the yogurt drops for the kids and the gerber puree drinks.  Maybe I'll add a bottom onto it sometime when I get the chance before our next vacation, and maybe with a zipper!  Anybody else have some great creations for the car trips?


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