New Fireplace

I took a new look at my fireplace and something had to be done.  I couldn't stand the shiny gold doors staring right back at me through it's shininess.  Plus it was starting to rust and look really icky.  After a trip to Lowes my hopes were dashed.  They had high heat paint, but it didn't come in many colors.  I was not going to go with white, silver, or red.  And for Josh flat black was out of the question too.  So we went home disappointed.  To buy brand new doors that I liked would have cost around $400, so that was out of the question.  Josh and I talked about it and came up with another alternative.  We had previously priced out how much it would be to fix up the fireplace, roughly $600, which with two kids in diapers isn't going to happen anytime soon.  Then Josh told me he would want to make the fireplace a gas fireplace instead of a wood fireplace.  So I said, if we're not going to use it anytime soon let's spray paint it with the bronzeish spray paint we have.  So I took it outside, taped up the windows.  See the first picture.  When it was all said and done and dried 48hrs later it looked marvelous!  No more shiny gold, no more fingerprints, wahoo!


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